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The BITA Vision Enhancer is a

Breakthrough in low vision technology.


A device that produces dramatic results for the low vision patient.

A pair of binocular bioptic lenses using the BITA system on a white background.

But what is it?

The Bi-level Telemicroscopic Apparatus, or BITA, is a miniature adjustable Galilean telescope mounted in a spectacle carrier with a special light entry system. 

What does it do?

The wearer is able to experience enhanced visual sharpness through the magnification of the BITA scope, while retaining full horizontal field of view, depth perception, and spacial orientation through their eyeglass (with or without prescription). The wearer sees a magnified view and their regular view simultaneously without confusion. 


Who can benefit from it?

The BITA is especially appropriate for aiding low vision patients who benefit from telescopic devices. 


Doctors have had a number of successes fitting patients with the following pathologies: 

  1. Optic Nerve Atrophy

  2. Albinism

  3. Macular Degeneration

  4. Diabetic Retinopathy

  5. Stargardt's

  6. Congenital Nystagmus

  7. Toxoplasmosis

  8. Retrolental Fibroplasia

  9. Congenital Cataracts

  10. Injury

  11. Achromatopsia

  12. Blue Cone Monochromatism

  13. Retinal Schisis

  14. Tumor

  15. Amblyopia

  16. Andiridia

  17. Cerebral Palsy

  18. Fundus Flavimaculatus

  19. Histoplasmosis

  20. Macular Hole

  21. Multiple Sclerosis

  22. Muscular Dystrophy

  23. Retinal Atrophy

  24. Retinal Degeneration

  25. Rod Monochromatism

  26. Toxocara-Canis

Note: This listing is offered as a guide, but in no way should restrict the use of the BITA System to these pathologies or suggest that all patients with these diseases may be assisted by BITA. The eye care professional is the only one in this position to accurately diagnose and prescribe.

What are its special features?


The BITA Vision Enhancer has many important features:


  • Special shading options for controlling light sensitivity, enhancing viewing and camouflaging telescopes.

  • Bi-level effect - one of the most innovative characteristics of the device. Because the unit is custom fitted to each patient, with the miniature scope aligned just above (but centered on) the pupil line, a bi-level effect is created. This effect presents a simultaneous viewing of the patient's normal vision field (the spectacle view) along with a magnified image of the center portion of the regular field located directly above the regular view (the telescopic view). The results include: viewing small detail at distances, observing two views (magnified and non-magnified) of the same object(s) simultaneously without confusion, and viewing an unbroken non-magnified horizontal field.

  • High optical quality producing sharp imagery.

  • Lightweight construction allowing a great degree of long wearing comfort (one BITA weighs less than a paper clip).

  • Unobtrusive design providing a cosmetically aesthetic appearance.

  • Ease of maintenance and adjustment providing years of convenient use.

  • Flexibility in focusing (thread adjustment) to change from a telescope to a microscope for near work. 

  • Reading caps and filter caps are also available. Reading caps are custom made to change the focal length from distance to near with slight to no adjustment to the telescope focusing.

How do I find a Bita low vision practitioner?

Our Doctor Locator page is a current list of active Low Vision Specialist that have fitting experience with BITA. 

The Doctor Locator page is to help provide interested patients with a list of practitioners by State, city or zip code. Our objective is to match low vision patients with low vision specialists. Ultimately, it is up to you and your practitioner to decide which low vision device is best for any given case.

What if a Bita low vision specialist is not near my location?

Conforma has a loaner program with BITA diagnostic scopes and fitting materials to evaluate the appropriateness of the BITA System for the patient. Ask your practitioner to contact Conforma to coordinate your BITA demonstration.

Ready to learn more?

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