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Thank you for your interest in the BITA Vision Enhancer as a potential low vision aid for your patients. This "Fitting Guide"  is provided as a resource including the theories and insight of the inventor, Brandon Edwards, and the fitting options and tools required to accurately build the BITA System for your low vision patients. 


Because of the unique properties of the BITA System, special procedures must be followed in the fitting process. Specific instructions and fitting materials are covered in this "Fitting Guide". Vision Specialists who regularly dispense telescopic aids find these printed materials sufficient.

DIAGNOSTIC UNITS / Loaner Scope(s)

Conforma offers diagnostic scopes at a greatly reduced price; They are not for resale. Order your choice of powers and diameters. On diagnostic telescopes we place the focusing mechanism in the front. We regularly provide referrals to potential patients and will add your name, address and phone number to this list once you have diagnostic equipment.


Once a specialist has determined the appropriateness of the BITA System for the patient, an order is placed with Conforma using the BITA Order Form, indicating all the required information and measurements. NO DEPOSIT is required. The carriers with the pupil postion(s) marked, frames and order form are shipped to:

Conforma Contact Lenses
ATTN: Low Vision Department
4707 Colley Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23508

The patients custom BITA unit is returned in two to three weeks. BITA will be billed on your Conforma statement. Balance is due thirty(30) days net.

Please see the attached price list. BITA is a telescopic device with a number of patented features, among these is the bi-level effect. The 3/8” units are positioned in the patented bi-level bioptic position, while the1/2” units can be bi-leveld up to 4.00X. The higher powers and larger custom scopes are placed in the traditional bioptic (dip-down) position. Other mounting positions available are the straight through position, near position or in the reverse position for field expansion (RP patients).

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