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High Technology for Low Vision Patients

Discover the BITA Vision Enhancer

The BITA Vision Enhancer was developed by low vision patient, Brandon Edwards (Edwards Optical).

It is a unique miniature telescope mounted in the lens of a specially fitted pair of glasses.


BITA allows you to see a regular view through your glasses and a magnified view through the small scope simultaneously - a phenomenon called simulvision that must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

A pair of binocular bioptic lenses using the BITA system on a white background.

BITA enhances your vision through magnification while allowing you to retain full peripheral vision, depth perception and spatial orientation.


Because of this remarkable characteristic, BITA can enhance many of life's most enjoyable activities.


In some states that allow bioptic driving, BITA can help low vision individuals acquire driving status.

See Better. Look Good.

The BITA System not only offers visual enhancement, it does so in an aesthetically pleasing way. Because the scopes are small and located within the lenses, they look almost like regular glasses.


Optional shading or therapeutic tints can enhance your viewing and also further camouflages the telescopic device.

Your custom fashionable lightweight BITA glasses can be worn as comfortably and regularly as any conventional eyeglasses.


The BITA Vision Enhancer may be the breakthrough in optical technology that will give you the independence you are looking for.


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